Queen of the Deep

by Kay Kenyon

A beguiling fantasy filled with magic, adventure, romance–and dangerous secrets.

When she is pulled from the wreckage of a New York subway crash, Jane Gray is astonished to recognize her rescuer as Prince Starling, an imaginary childhood companion. Needing to uncover the truth about her past, Jane tracks him to another realm; the world of the Palazzo, a magical ship that is both a colossal steam vessel and a Renaissance kingdom. There, she discovers that magic is real and her destiny is a tangled mystery.

On the ship she is courted by two men and must survive the machinations of an exotic and dangerous queen. When she discovers the secret of the Palazzo’s endless voyage, Jane holds in her hands the fate of the realm. Against all odds, and guided only by legends and the stars, she must pilot a course that will lead to the salvation or destruction of the world she has come to love.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends