Queen Killer

by Chris Heinicke and Kate Reedwood

A thousand years after Earth took its place in the network of galactic commerce, the planet is on the edge of collapse. Can stardrive technology bring the Earth back to life? Axel Ryan is betting his life that it can. But there aren’t any stardrives left on Earth, and ships capable of interstellar travel are hard to come by. Forced to enlist the aid of mercenary pirates in his quest, the stakes are high for Axel. But with the future of the galaxy on the line, does it matter he’ll have to betray the love of his life?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer has always been Element Cruz’s motto. Drugged, abandoned, and her ship stolen, she’s more than ready to let the price on Axel Ryan’s head kill him. Except Axel holds the key to saving humanity. And if there’s one thing Ellie can’t refuse, it’s the chance to win.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure