Quarantine: Book 1 of The Archangel-X Trilogy

by William Hayashi

After denying the people of Earth access to space until they’ve completely divested themselves of all the world’s nuclear weapons, an undeclared state of war still exists between the all-Black space colony and the people of their beautiful, blue home-world. For Astrophysicist Christopher Wright, the journey he began many years ago had all but seemed to grind to a halt, until a revolution of the mind sparked an interest in faster than light travel. Now, he and his extended family have turned their attention to exploring other planets and moons outside the solar system, and in turn, advanced their research into this specialized form of travel. Joining Christopher on his crusade, are his lifelong companions, Chuck and Peanut, whose endless bond fortifies the hope of better things to come. With danger at the helm, soon everyone will have to decide if it’s worth the risk.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration