Quantum Cannibals

by Nathan Elberg

The widow Osnat is a revered quantum scientist, religious scholar, protector of her people, ravishing beauty, and occasionally a genocidal brute. From the Bronze-Age to a dystopian post-modern era she struggles to stop the destruction of her family and tribe. In the Arctic cannibals feast on her husband. In a high-tech city, demons try to prevent her birth. In Mesopotamia a pious zealot threatens the destruction of all who resist his Prophet.
As in Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and Huxley’s Eyeless in Gaza, nested stories are woven into an astonishing whole. A hi-tech detective fights alongside her Bronze Age great, great… grandmother. A Bronze Age Mesopotamian shaman protects his teacher in the Stone Age Arctic. A Stone Age Arctic scientist is the savior of a post-modern city-state.
Quantum Cannibals draws on the author’s studies of folklore, cannibalism, shamanism and Kabbalah.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic