Qaza Alien Halfbreed

by C. Y. Croc

A dark past screwed up Qaza and his brother Quazor and it shaped them into hard, uncaring males who don’t give a damn about anything or anyone but themselves.
However, an unexpected strange female turns up with their latest consignment of creatures and she makes Qaza question his actions. Jealous, Quazor becomes even more ruthless and cruel – more cruel than his brother has ever seen him before.

When Victoria and the horses in her care are beamed up into a spaceship, she thinks she’s dreaming. That is until she wakes up in a rancid smelling filthy cell – luckily still with the horses. But the dirty cell and ugly aliens she first encounters are the least of her worries. Reality is about to get a whole lot worse when both the horses and her are sold off to other aliens.

Will Victoria drive a wedge between the brothers and break the unhealthy bond that ties them?
Triggering content

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact