Pushing Planets

by Giovanni Sena

When she detects a new planet around Tau Sagittarii with potential for colonization, Uma knows she has hit the jackpot.
As a young astrophysicist in New York, she is eager to leave behind her former modeling career and to show she turned into a legit scientist and planet hunter. Earth is ridiculously crowded, Mars terraformation failed, and the search for new options is hotter than ever.
Uma’s initial excitement becomes awe when she analyzes the data collected: is humanity in danger? Can she trust her discovery?

When Abdo, a sharp expert in agrodrone programming from the African Federation, shows up at her office in New York, Uma doesn’t know that her quest is going to take a second dramatic turn.
Is it possible that she got it all wrong, and that a dark force is pushing her destiny and playing with humanity’s chance for a new home?

Discover this gripping hard SF novel!

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact