Pursuit of Justice

by Eric Warren

In Order to Catch a Criminal, He Might Have to Become One

A year ago Devren Tenebris was one of the New Coalition’s most celebrated officers. Now he’s a man on the hunt, tracking down the one person who betrayed his oath to the Coalition: Nolan. But this is more than just a job to Dev; Nolan was one of his most trusted officers, and his defection cut Dev to the core.

After a series of failures, he finds himself hitching a ride on a small smuggling ship with a motley crew, including a former Coalition officer. At first it seems like each of them is operating their own agendas to get him off the ship, until Dev discovers a conspiracy in their ranks. And unlocking that mystery might be the key to finding his target.

But Dev needs to be careful. There are a lot of powerful people involved in Nolan’s defection. And they’re not going to let an officer of the law stand in their way.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure