Purged Souls

by Kagan Tumer

Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist.

Growing up in a merciless wasteland left Special Forces Colonel Lori Rose morally hardened. Twenty-five years after a global virus and the subsequent chaos brought civilization to the brink of collapse, the no-nonsense officer believes a matriarchal society will restore order. But when she leads a training mission that’s brutally ambushed, she discovers that wounded soldiers are disappearing from hospitals.

Pulling in her only remaining friend to investigate why soldiers under medical treatment are vanishing, Lori searches for answers behind the bizarre string of incidents. But after her leaders are assassinated and her ally closes in on a shocking truth, she faces a stark choice when their rivals attack…

Can she stop a deadly ploy for supremacy before humanity is dragged back to the dark ages?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian