Prophecy’s Ruin

by Sam Bowring

‘The stuff of fantasy writers’ fantasies. An epic, enthralling, towering triumph.’ – AurealisXpress

The forces of shadow and light race to claim a boy with blue hair, foretold to end the war between them. As they clash, wild magic yields a terrible result, and rips the boy’s very soul in two. Each side retreats with a child, uncertain if they now possess the one capable of ending their age-old conflict, or if destiny itself has been undone.

Prophecy’s Ruin tells the tale of the boys as they grow. Bel becomes a charismatic troubled warrior, Losara an enigmatic and thoughtful mage – powerful young men, yet incomplete. As they struggle to discover the shape of their futures, inevitably each must ask the question: will he, one day, have to face himself?

‘A fresh look on some over-used themes in fantasy … Story-telling of this calibre is rarely seen’ – Speculating on Specific

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Category: Fantasy – Epic