Prophecy’s Ruin

by Sam Bowring

The first book in the Broken Well Trilogy is ‘the stuff of fantasy writers’ fantasies. An epic, enthralling, towering triumph.’ (AurealisXpress)

The lands of shadow and light have been locked in a stalemate for millennia, but a prophecy tells that a blue-haired boy will soon break the bloody balance. Mages from the opposing sides race to claim him as their own, but the ensuing magical battle sees the child’s soul ripped apart, and reformed as two separate babies. Is either one still capable of ending the age-old conflict, or has destiny itself been undone?

Prophecy’s Ruin subverts tropes of the genre in fresh and original ways, and stars a colourful cast of mighty warriors, undead mages, psychopathic goblins, indestructible butterflies and an evil talking bird, among others.

‘If you are sick of cliché heroes and villains then this is the one to read.’ (Bookseller + Publisher)

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Category: Fantasy – Epic