Prophecy of Darkness

by M. Lynn and Michelle Bryan

A quest to save the realm. A forbidden love. A tragedy none of them are prepared for. Even if they succeed, will there be anything left to protect?

Trystan – Stubborn and arrogant, he is a prince on the edge of losing his throne.

Rissa – Sarcastic and loyal, she knows something the others don’t. They need her. If they won’t see it, she’ll make them.

Davion – Smooth and lethal, he’s nothing more than an orphan ward of the King. No family name or fortune. No future other than one at Trystan’s side. No chance of being with the woman he loves.

Some in the kingdom have lost all hope as the darkness descends. As their borders are invaded and their land fails to thrive.

But hope won’t save them.

Only magic will.

And they’re going to get it back.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery