Project Renaissance Man

by Peter Schoemann

The Storm wiped out billions. To reset humanity’s future, these teens must uncover the truth and risk everything—even humanity’s existence.

17 years after billions were lost, the few hundred remaining live in peace and harmony. Life is especially good for Matthew Cane. His two trusted friends, Rich and Bobby, are more like brothers and his pretty girlfriend, Lori, would do anything for him. For Matthew, everything is neat and in place, the perfect life—well, as perfect as possible growing up without his mother and most of humanity gone.

In one day, however, two women jolt him out of his teen concerns and into something much greater. His deceased mother comes to him with a mission to reset humanity’s future; then an unexpected beauty provides the spark. Will Matt risk everything for the chance to save billions, including his mother?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Storm Jumper

by Peter A. Schoemann

In the right place at the wrong time.

Narrowly escaping 2037, Matt awakens in the past. He’s escaped the dystopia he left and has just three weeks to set things straight. There’s just one huge problem, a universal problem known as the butterfly effect. He wants to change the future to save billions, including his mother, but one wrong move may change the future before he’s in place to stop the Storm. Can Matt avoid the butterfly effect until the right time, or will history repeat itself?

Previously $3.99