Princess of Light

by Marie Bilodeau

When Cassara Edoline’s small kingdom is attacked, she’s given a choice: fight, or die. To save her people, she’ll need powerful allies, an army, and destructive magic. And she intends to get them all, no matter the cost.

Avarielle Grayloft’s ancient sword holds some of that magic, but the curse runs deep in her blood. Exiled from her people, the warrior comes to the princess’ aid, but will the darkness of her blade extract too high a price?

The sorceress Shirina is tasked with securing the warrior’s blade and the princess’ magic, but the world around her is crumbling in darkness, along with her allegiance to the Circle as her mentor is sent to Siabala’s Rage.

With monsters killing all in their path and an ancient protective magic about to fail, will the three women cast aside their differences to fight, and will their powers prove enough?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic