Prelude to the Shards

by Michael Timmins

Three exciting tales set in the world of Ismia. A world ruled by the Witches of the Coven. A world of forbidden magics and dark plots.

In “Intellect” Quint is accused of murdering his love and sets out to prove his innocence, while being hunted by a man for his own dark purposes.

“Race of the Witchguard” is about a deadly race to determine who will become a Witchguard, the fabled bodyguards of the Witches of the Coven, the rulers of the land. But not everything about the race is as it seems as Sojin and Lyyra are about to find out.

In “A Town Called Ghost” Whisp, a young thief has a secret, she has Essence magic, a magic that is forbidden by the Witches of the Coven. Now, the Shen, the magic-hunters are after her, but they made a mistake, they came to Ghost, and this is her town.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery