by Geetha Krishnan

In Hastinapura, Atiratha and Radha find a baby floating in the river. In the palace, the impotent King Pandu is forced to abdicate the throne while his bastard half brother Vidura conspires with his queen Kunti. The blind King Dhritarashtra struggles against his autocratic uncle while the sage Vyasa fights desperately to avert a power struggle within the Kuru family.

This is the saga of Mahabharata, as it has never been told before. A darker tale, stripped of its magic and gods, containing only the face of humanity.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Geetha Krishnan

Vasushena has improved beyond recognition, but needs a teacher to complete his education. No one will accept a Suta, however, but when Suyodhana forces the royal teacher to give Vasushena lessons, it is the start of a friendship that will forge the path of destiny.

In Drona’s ashram, Yudhishtira shines, but the cost has to be paid by others. Vasushena decides to leave and to find another teacher. Suyodhana and Bheema’s rivalry reaches new heights, and Vidura and Kunti’s machinations also reach new heights.

When tensions between him and his cousins mount, Suyodhana forces his father to exile them, but will it finally bring peace to the Kingdom or only make matters worse?

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