Pox You: A Croft and Tabby Short

by Brad Magnarella

Warning: Foul-mouthed cat ahead

Prof Croft here and, yes, I trapped a murderous succubus in a kitten’s body and made her my pet. The alternative was to behead her, and as wizards go, I’m just not that callous.

Do you think Tabitha shows any appreciation? Two years old now, her speech has grown along with her girth, and when not insulting me, she’s plotting ways to devour my soul.

But that’s the least of my problems. An early winter storm has plunged our unheated apartment to near freezing, and I’m too cash-strapped to afford chimney service. So when a strange woman appears, asking me to investigate an attack at an old smallpox hospital, I accept the case along with her vague offer of compensation.

And if I can involve Tabitha, who knows? Maybe we’ll finally start bonding.

Sure, and maybe Hell will host the next Winter Games.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban