Portents of Chaos

by K.C. Julius

When Leif accepts an apprenticeship with the reclusive wizard, Master Morgan, his world is forever changed. He soon finds himself fleeing his village for a hidden sanctuary, where he joins Maura, Whit, and Halla—all of whom might be the legitimate heir to the ailing King Urlion. Morgan has brought them together to ensure their loyalty to whoever Urlion’s true heir may be. In this coming of age tale, the unlikely young heroes find their courage, integrity and trust sorely tested. For Master Morgan must leave them to seek the truth behind rumors of a Helgrin attack, the mystery of the missing å Livåri, and what the unbound dragons, long secluded in Belestar, are planning for mankind. Morgan’s quest will reveal a heinous betrayal—one that will ominously shift the tides of destiny and shake the very foundation of the Known World.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

A Realm at Stake

by K.C. Julius

Dark days lie ahead for Drinnglennin.
Urlion Konigur’s increasingly unstable mind heightens the urgency to name his heir. His divided realm is ripe for invasion, and Aetheor Yarl has set his sights once more on her shores. Master Morgan hopes Urlion will announce his successor at the Twyrn, to which Maura and Leif, newly dragonfast, have been summoned. But he cannot be there to protect them, for he must find Urlion’s enchanter and seek the missing å Livåri. Whit, left in Mithralyn to hone his magic alone, grows increasingly bitter toward the wizard, while Halla faces a betrayal that will test her courage to its limits. And far to the north, the rift widens between those dragons who would bind, and those who would destroy the very fabric of mankind. These unfolding perils will resound to the farthest borders of the Known World. For the dark wizard, Lazdac Strigori, is on the rise.

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