Portents of Chaos

by K. C. Julius

When Leif accepts an apprenticeship with the reclusive wizard Master Morgan, he has no idea of how dramatically his world is about to change. Leif soon finds himself fleeing his village for a hidden sanctuary, where he joins Maura of Branley Tor, Whit of Cardenstowe, and Halla of Lorendale, all of whom might be the legitimate heir to the ailing King Urlion on the Einhorn throne. Leif and these new friends will find their courage, integrity, and trust sorely tested, all without the wizard’s guidance. For Morgan must leave them to investigate rumors of a Helgrin attack, the mystery of the missing å Livåri, and what the unbound dragons, long secluded in Belestar, are planning for mankind. Morgan’s quest will reveal a heinous betrayal–one that will ominously shift the tides of destiny and shake the very foundation of the Known World.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic