Point of Impact

by Kyla Stone

Surviving the blast is only the beginning.
Dakota Sloane, a tough-as-nails former foster kid, keeps her head down while working to gain custody of her little sister, still trapped in the system.

When the TVs show the bombs striking several major cities, Dakota’s first thought is to grab her sister and get the hell out of Miami. But it’s too late.

An ex-con with his own secrets, Logan Garcia’s life plan is to drink himself into oblivion. Until the shockwave hits—shattering the world as he knows it.

Dakota knows of a safe place to ride out the coming chaos—a bunker in the Everglades. In the moments before the deadly fallout descends, she offers Logan a deal.

She’ll bring him along if he helps her. But she’s not escaping the burning, radioactive ruins of Miami—not without her sister.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic