Peter Green and the Unliving Academy: This Book is Full of Dead People (The Unliving Chronicles 1)

by Angelina Allsop

Fourteen-year-old Peter Green is granted superpowers in the afterlife. He can’t remember how he died and finds himself in Mrs. Battisworth’s Academy and Haven for Unliving Boys and Girls—a strange and spooky school for dead orphans.

He starts to enjoy his life-after-death but he just can’t shake the feeling that he’s forgotten somebody he left behind in the land of the living… someone he loved very much who is in terrible danger.

Peter Green and the Unliving Academy is the captivating first installment of Angelina Allsop’s Unliving series of young adult fantasy novels. If you like reading about fun-filled adventures, fully realized new worlds, and the most unlikely of heroes, you’re sure to love Allsop’s spirited coming-of-age tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age