Pet Psychic Magical Mysteries: Books 1-4

by Erin Johnson

Talking animals. Quirky cases. An enchanting town. This series has it all, like you’ve never read before!

Jolene Hartgrave, here!

I went from being a top dog lawyer to a hangdog pet psychic in the ruff part of town, all thanks to a pesky curse that gave me the gift of gabbing with animals.

But my luck is finally looking up. I’ve teamed up with a hottie police officer and his snarky, overprotective German shepherd to catch criminals. From a murdered fashion icon spinning a web of lies to the killed curator of an occult museum, I’m doggedly helping the police bring the bad guys to justice.

But there’s a catch. I’ve got a huge secret of my own–one the police can never find out about.

Can I solve the case and build a new life, or will I end up behind bars myself?

If you love talking animal sidekicks, clever mysteries, and a hilarious cast of characters, you’ll love this boxset!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban