Pax Machina

by Greg Sorber

Major Misty Durham hoped to put tragedy and bloodshed behind her. Now the human administrator of Mechhaven, she’s committed to providing sanctuary for decommissioned war machines. The peace is shattered when a legendary mech with crucial secrets crashes on her world.

Angel is desperate to remember his mission. As the advanced mech seeks asylum after a failed deep-cover operation, he brings intimate knowledge of the enemy’s tactics… except battle-inflicted damage prevents him from accessing the data. And when his adversaries come hunting, his last chance for survival is to pray the mothballed locals won’t give him up.

Misty refuses to surrender her newest charge and gathers disarmed mechanized warriors and former enemies to defend their home. Angel knows if he can unlock the intel buried deep within in his memory matrix, he could be the key that stops them all from being destroyed.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Mechs and Machinations

by Greg Sorber

The Battle of Mechhaven shocked the galaxy. As high-ranking representatives from the four human governments descend upon Mechhaven to honor the fallen, the surviving defenders must put their healing on hold to deal with demanding allies, unexpected challenges, and new enemies.

A secret mission calls several heroes back into service. Unexpected refugees threaten to drag Mechhaven into conflict with the Corporate Protectorate, which the rest of the galaxy wants no part of.

With some of her best fighters off-world, Major Misty Durham must decide whether to lead the mechs into another battle or acquiesce to the demands of a tyrant.

Previously $5.99