Pandemic Book 1 Party Balloons

by Gilbert Reid

In this thrilling, epic five-star, non-stop, 532-page sophisticated adventure caper, V, a half-alien superheroine vampire, whose vow is to protect the human race, confronts a half-alien reptilian killer in Texas and Vermont, shares lunch in Paris with her clone, a mischievous half-alien super-star model and designer, and, later, on the world’s largest newest cruise liner, the Eden of the Seas, fends off the attentions of a besotted, clumsy lawyer, and, when a biological bomb turns 2000 lawyers into slobbering cannibalistic zombies, she tries to save the US president, Katherine du Bois Hughes, a charismatic Black TV hostess, and mogul, from a zombie fate, get the stroppy president, V’s sworn enemy, off the Eden. Then, with a fundamentalist coup d’etat seizing Washington, V begins the struggle to save the world from the Zombie Apocalypse and its evil orchestrator, the Puppet Master.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure