by Jon Mollison

Nothing is more dangerous than an invisible man.

Joe’s spent his life being forgotten. Not even the IRS comes for his back taxes. He’s a ghost, a perfectly average, perfectly forgettable man. It suits his purposes, though it’s a lonely existence. He can live as he wants, plying his almost-invisibility for freelance jobs.

Then a pretty blonde finds him when no one else can, asking for his help solving a murder. He almost says no, despite his instincts to help a damsel in distress. But how did she find him? And who is she?

He takes the job to find out. But he bites off more than he can chew as he realizes a brutal secretive organization called The Phoenix Ring is behind the murder, and somehow they can predict his every move.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Overlooked Again

by Jon Mollison

For the first time in his life, Joe isn’t forgotten.
After the victory against The Phoenix Ring, Joe has found a family of sorts in the Order of Saint Hadrian. He has a purpose, a plan, and a beautiful woman who remembers him. Life is looking good.

While the Serenity City cabal is in tatters, the Phoenix Ring operatives across the country in Halo City are tightening their grip. They’re about to steal an election. While the local villains are reeling, Joe and Celeste head to California to disrupt the Ring’s new scheme.

But The Phoenix Ring hasn’t survived for centuries by playing softball. Joe is the ghost they can’t forget, the man they won’t overlook. They bring in a dangerous Prime that can see Joe to hunt him.

Now Joe is the one on the run, and the clock is ticking away before the election. Can he find the First Magus and save the election in Halo City?

Previously $4.99