by Hayley Osborn

Traveling through time to twelfth century England was never on Maryanne Warren’s to do list. Not that modern-day life’s so great, but at least her little brother’s in it. He’s the only reason she’s climbed out of bed recently.

To get back to him, she’s just got to convince outcast Robin of Woodhurst to become Robin Hood. It should be simple. Travel through time, instigate a carriage robbery or two, then back to her real life.

Somehow Rob slips past the walls she’s spent years building, making her care about his cause. She doesn’t even want to think about the way his intense stare renders her speechless.

As the time to return home draws closer, she becomes less certain her brother is her future. Perhaps her place is here at Rob’s side, as his Lady Marian.

But the time travel magic has its own agenda, and Maryanne must decide which of her lives is the one worth fighting for.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales