Out of Atlas

by Damien Hine

The city of Atlas hides from the outside world behind vast walls. A hive of politicians and accountants, it is continually looking inward. Nobody leaves. Nobody questions what lies outside. It is a place where nothing ever changes and the citizens like it that way. All of them that is, except a young man named Fred Banks.
Fred has questions. What lies beyond those ever-present walls? Is the outside world really a wasteland populated by blood-thirsty marauders?
When an aging professor reveals the truth, Fred learns that the mystery is far from over. His search for answers will take him beyond the walls and deep into the unknown world of Risiva, a land of wanderers and nomads, of desert pirates and kings. Freed from the walls that blinded him, Fred will learn it is not just his curiosity that sets him out from the rest — he was born for this. Destiny awaits…

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age