Onslaught: Exile War Book 1

by Bowen Greenwood

When mutants from civilization’s end come roaring back from exile, telepath Langston Wheeler confronts assassination, interstellar intrigue, and a woman he can’t resist.

Once, telepaths almost wiped out humanity. Years later, a brotherhood called the Gentle Hand keeps it from happening again. Wheeler, a young Hand with a checkered past, heads to the planet Felicitas hunting a rogue telepath. There, he meets Tia Dynn, the planet’s leader.

But the rogue Wheeler’s hunting is not what he seems. Langston and Tia face a dark threat from the distant past. Forced together, they contend with war, invasion, and their growing love. Langston is a Gentle Hand, though. He must marry another Hand and bring up telepathic children.

War and survival draw them closer. Wheeler must choose between the rules of his order and a woman he can’t resist. The fate of Human Space hangs in the balance.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera