One Stiletto in the Grave

by Jason Krumbine

When you have a bug problem, you call an exterminator. When someone skips out on their bail, you call a bounty hunter. And when a dead soul goes renegade, you call a grim reaper.

Avery Graves is your typical type A personality who strives to achieve her best. Her sister, Brooke is…not that. Despite Avery’s best efforts, things aren’t working out as well for them as they are for the other reapers in town and the sisters find themselves a few dead souls short of making the rent.

While chasing down a soul bounty that might get them out of their pauper’s grave and into a mausoleum, things take a turn for the worse when the sisters find themselves at odds with the worst thing possible: The living. Because the only thing worse than a dead soul that refuses to move on, is a living soul that refuses to let go.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban