Once Upon A Wicked Heart: A Fiction-Atlas Villains Anthology

by C.L. Cannon and Other Authors

How do you break a villain’s heart? The first step is to steal it…
These twelve dark retellings of fairy tales and myths will leave you shocked, entertained, and hungry for more!
– a Faerie queen with a score to settle
– a jilted goddess who starts a bloody war
– a heart of ice that will either thaw or shatter
– a cursed maiden finds worth in her affliction
– a serial killer might have just met her match
– a nymph seems to have found true love at last
– a mechanical heart could be a young woman’s undoing
– a sister seeks vengeance against those who wronged her
– a betrayed witch vows retribution for the slights against her
– a mistreated queen takes her rightful place, no matter the cost
– a sea witch learns that love cannot be so easily manipulated
– a god takes back what was stolen from him in a gruesome fashion

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales