Once Upon a Ren Faire, Willow Green Book 1

by A.C. Castillo

A day at the ren-faire becomes more of an adventure than Keltia ever imagined . . .
Keltia has a normal seventeen-year-old life. Except that she was found on the steps of a police station when she was a baby. And she was born with green hair. And no one knows why.
A fun day takes a fateful twist after a group of ren-faire barbarians who actually seem dangerous start chasing her across the grounds. When she follows a handsome jouster, Emerson, into a hollow tree to hide, she finds herself in a fantasy land of giants, killer unicorns, powerful faeries . . . and dryads.
Can Emerson help her find the key to return home? Or will Keltia be swallowed up by this impossible land?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery