On Impulse (Reliance Sinclair, #1)

by Heather Texle

When the Department trained Reliance to catch criminals, she never dreamed she’d become one.

A year ago, Reliance shot her partner in self-defense. Even though she was cleared of wrong-doing, her coworkers never believed her. She left the Department but couldn’t stop wondering why her partner turned on her.

Her best friend offered to help, but Reliance discovers he’s been brutally murdered. When an officer finds her standing over his body, blaster in hand, she knows it looks bad. She doesn’t trust them to investigate further—not when she’s the prime suspect. Her only option is to run. She’ll have to stay one step ahead to solve Jarrett’s murder and clear her name. Doing so will require every trick the Department taught her—and a few she learned on her own.

Click to find out what mystery Jarrett uncovered and what Reliance will do to bring his killer to justice.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera