On Borrowed Luck

by TJ Muir

In the world of powerful Lords, fortunes can be made but mistakes are never forgiven.

Trying to avoid an unfair fight, Kirrin dives into a fancy carriage that takes him to the estate of a powerful Lord. Caught trespassing and stealing, he’s sentenced to work on the estate to pay for his error. In the rough and tumble world of the servants’ quarters, he learns how to fight the hard way, but turns his punishment into a golden opportunity.

When he returns home, he receives a mysterious challenge to prove his value to the Lord. Kirrin jumps at the chance to impress the man who could change his future. Flitting between an ordinary life and the world of the rich and powerful, Kirrin balances his loyalties on a knife’s edge.

New tasks come, each more illegal and difficult than the last, feeding Kirrin’s hunger for excitement. But he also faces the danger of getting caught or displeasing his new benefactor. Kirrin is sure he can handle it. But when a questionable mission leads to a dead body, Kirin’s future turns dark.

Only Kirrin and his overlord know the truth about what happened, and two people with a secret may be one too many.

Now Kirrin races to cover up the truth before the next dead body is his own.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic