On Borrowed Luck

by TJ Muir

Ancient Prophecies. Shadow Dancers. And a side of assassination.
Street Rat Kirrin gets caught red-handed on a powerful lord’s estate. Guilty of trespassing and petty theft, he is at the ruler’s mercy. But Kirrin’s tenacity makes a good impression. Instead of a severe punishment, he is taught to fight and use his natural gifts, transforming into a cunning spy.

His loyalty to the lord is absolute, and Kirrin begins to compromise his principles, and commit crimes far worse than petty theft.

He thinks he has the risk under control until his master sends him into the imperial palace and Kirrin comes face to face with the supreme ruler himself.

Kirrin must choose. Does he commit the act from which there is no return, or does he find his way in the darkness that has enveloped him.

A grand cycle is coming to an end and old powers are stirring. Gods and magic. Players are being moved around…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic