Off-World Hotel & Resort: All Three Episodes

by Dave Terruso


Marooned on a distant moon…

Doomed to die without ever seeing her daughters again…

Devoted mother Christie Calvin learns she has a year to live.

Christie’s daughters take a loan against her life insurance policy to send her on her dream vacation at the Off-World Hotel & Resort.

390 million miles from Earth, accessible only by teleporter, and staffed by robots, the resort has a maximum occupancy of 25 people and a guest list comprised of the ultra-wealthy and the incredibly famous.

After a couple days frolicking in paradise, Christie and the other guests become stranded in the resort.

It will take nearly three years for a rescue ship to reach them—and Christie doesn’t have that much time left.

Distraught and furious, Christie turns amateur sleuth to find the person who trapped her in the resort—so she can exact her revenge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration