Of Warriors and Kings

by Sean Fontaine

When college students exploring the Mojave Desert discover an artifact of unknown origin, they are unwittingly swept into a chaotic battle spilling over from another realm. An ancient evil has awakened and has sent an alien invasion to prepare its way to finish what it started ages ago.

But a glimmer of hope still remains.

Deliverance may live in a mysterious warrior from another realm who now walks the Earth. He speaks of his home world and of a valiant king who struggles to maintain peace while combating recurring nightmares and a vicious warlord.

The fate of the two worlds are now entwined, and time is running out for both.

An exciting epic fantasy set in present day. Featuring creatures from another realm, complex world building and epic battle scenes, book one of this young adult fantasy series will have you spellbound from start to finish.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure