Of Serpents and Wolves (The Broken Saints)

by M. M. Shelley

16th Century Ireland

Edyth Kenley always feared the woods. She was well aware of the dark magic found there. Each night the Druids crossed the path outside of her cottage, leaving her alone due to her stepfather’s ties to their circle. How long would it be before they decide her growing powers would be of use?

Patrick Blakesley hunted Druids. Cursed by an Archangel, Patrick was forced to follow orders against his will, and has grown into a bitter, reckless drunk. He cares for nothing other than himself… that is until he chances upon a daring young woman who was willing to risk her life to save another.

As Edyth’s magic continues to grow, so does the Druid’s desire to possess it.

In order to keep her safe, Patrick will have to put aside what’s left of his humanity and possibly bring an end to his immortality.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical