Of Pirates and Werewolves

by Isaiah T. Silkwood

Recipient of North American Book Award’s First Place Honor for Young Adult Fiction 2014.

Shipwrecked on the island of Gealach—an isle lost in the mist of mythology and mystery—Captain Fish-Eye finds himself pushed to his limits. He must prove to Wokey the Shrimp, his first mate in a crew of one, and more importantly to himself, that he has what it takes to be a true pirate captain.

This won’t be as easy as a walk off the gangplank with the bloodthirsty crew of the Harsh One and their slaughtering captain hot in Fish-Eye’s wake. Things only get worse when Fish-Eye and Shrimp encounter a castaway tormented with the idea that he is a werewolf.

Naught be as it seems on the island of Gealach.

Thrilling and humorous, Of Pirates and Werewolves is a legend of true fantasy adventure told in the tones of Justin Somper’s Vampirates and Rick Riordon’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical