Of Gods & Mortals Box Set

by M.M. Perry

The complete Of Gods & Mortals trilogy!

When Cass draws her blade, nothing can stop her. Except maybe a god.

Cass chose her path – to do good by others no matter the danger. When a quest pits her against a god, she knows she might have accepted her final task. Gods show little mercy, and it will take more than bravery to survive.

Through deadly forests, dangerous waters and on the backs of dragons, Cass will find new friends – and new enemies. And she’ll discover what started as a simple quest turns out to be a fight much older and far more dangerous than anyone imagined.

This is the complete collection of the adventures of Cass and her fellow companions. Join the thousands of readers who have been swept away on this exciting journey into a land of gods and monsters.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends