Od and Ed

by Shanti Leonard

October 1988

IN A MOMENT OF DESPERATION Od pressed the button set deep in the wood of the scarebox, and unknowingly pushed Ed’s soul out of his body.

For some reason Ed’s Body can still walk and talk, but it isn’t behaving like Ed, and it refuses to leave the graveyard.

Thrown into the supernatural currents running under her small town, Od soon learns that her only ally may be Loney Scrobe-a strange classmate of hers who’s surrounded by dark and disturbing rumors.

Od’s not sure if she can trust Loney, but her brother’s life hangs in the balance…and she only has one night to put him back together again.

At times creepy, funny, and frightening, and told deftly from a child’s perspective, Od and Ed is a haunting and heartfelt suburban dark fantasy about a sister and brother that brings the nineteen-eighties to life in ways that feel both new and familiar.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban