by Andy Blinston

One mage guards the world from ruin…
Too bad Darius has to kill him.

The empire’s borders are ravaged by fiery warriors strong enough to crush bone in their hands.

One mage is all that holds back the invaders, the only one with the power to sap their strength until the fiends can barely stand.

But all the assassin Darius knows is the mage now hunts him.

Why? He doesn’t know; the mage stole his memories, but thankfully not his unearthly powers or killing instincts.

On the run, his only ally is the captivating but callous Alexandra, a warrior he once knew from the mage’s army that promises to help save his life.

He doesn’t trust her… She’s hiding something.

She doesn’t trust his altered mind…

But together they’ll seek to save Darius by killing the last guardian of humanity.

If you like rogue heroes then you’ll love this action-packed tale of god-like warriors

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery