by Andrew Blinston

An infamous warrior must face the gods from his unknown past.

He awakes confused, soaked in the blood of slain foes he doesn’t recall. Someone stole his strength, powers, memories…even whatever principles he once had. All that remains are his killing instincts and one harrowing childhood memory that haunts him.

Caught in a raging war between the so-called gods of the human empire and savage invaders, he finds he’s an enemy of both sides, and only one woman will aid him.

She claims to be a friend yet won’t reveal who he really was, where his allegiances lay, or how he turned his fellow humans against him. But he needs to find his old allies soon.

The one who took his memories is coming for the rest of him.

If he’s to survive, he must rediscover a past he may soon regret knowing, and he must reclaim the powers that earned him the title he’s forgotten…

The Slayer of Gods.

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Category: Dark Fantasy