Novikov Windows: A Time Travel Novel

by Chris Cosmain

In 1996 a time traveler coaxes a group of experts to a desolate farmstead in remote Australia. Their mission is to construct a time machine using advanced technology from the future. However, as the group begin their task, they learn a grim truth. The past and future can’t be changed. Free will is an illusion, and jumping back in time with knowledge of the future poses an immense burden. This is a Novikov Window, the scenario of being trapped within an unalterable sequence of events. Knowledge from the future is closely guarded, breeding suspicion and manipulation. Some attempt to alter history, and the thrilling scientific adventure takes a dark turn as the group is faced with increasingly unethical missions. Torn apart by moral and ideological differences, the community frays. How can individuals find hope in the face of impossible decisions, in a universe where there are no choices?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel