Not Alone


What if the fire that left you the last of your kind . . . didn’t?

It’s summer, 2011, and for four and a half years, all Blue has been looking for is a normal life after losing her family in a suspicious fire. But what is normal for a fourteen-year-old that can hear what no one else can? And what should she do when she hears something that presents a tantalizing opportunity to avenge her family? With an unexpected new friend and ally, she comes up with a slam-dunk plan. All she has to do is risk everything, including both of their lives.

Whether you like coming-of-age or teen thrillers or mystery or occult or sci-fi, or even young romance, you will find an enticing blend of all these elements in this unique series written by an award-winning author and set in down-to-earth rural Vermont.

Previously $2.99

Category: Hard Science Fiction