Nocturna League: Season One (Episodes 1-5)

by Kell Inkston

A curse surpassing all knowledge,
A conspiracy a dozen lifetimes in the making,
and one messed up line of work.

Young human Colette’s made a risky wager with a hot demon, and she doesn’t intend to lose.

She has one year to get as strong as she can, then she’ll butt heads against him in a one on one duel.

If she wins? Freedom for herself and her best friend.
Defeat?… We’re not allowed to go into that part just yet.

Colette’s ready to risk more than simply life and limb to get the victory she needs, but it seems like an impossible task up until she meets him. “They” call him “The Captain”, and he’s the best, worst thing the duo could have crossed paths with.

Will they survive? And if so, what will they be on the other side?

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk