Night’s Favor

by Richard Parry

Could just one night — a night you can’t remember — change your life forever?

Valentine Everard is like a lot of people. His boss is an asshole. He drinks to get through the week — but then, who doesn’t? — so waking up with no memory isn’t unusual. What is unusual is how his body is becoming faster and stronger. With these gifts come outside interest: Elsie Morgan, CEO of Big Pharma company Biomne, is hunting him for the virus he carries to save her dying heir.

When his newfound Pack mate Danny Kendrick’s daughter is abducted, Val must race to rescue her. Elsie offers him a devil’s bargain: a child for a child, a life for a life. Even knowing that the child is merely a way to draw him in, he cannot avoid the call of Pack. Will he be able to master the Night’s new gifts and save those he loves, or will he fall into darkness and anger like his maker?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Night’s Fall

by Richard Parry

Would you let a stranger take your curse even if it would damn the world?

It’s been five years since Valentine Everard climbed out of the ruins of a Biomne facility. Five years of running from the creature he’s become. Five years of trying to turn the curse of the Night into a blessing.

Stories of Val’s dark gift have reached across the seas to Talin Moray, a man who will stop at nothing to possess the power of the Night. With his mastery of Vodou he has brought the city of Chicago to its knees. Talin will become the king of a ruined world.

While Danny runs away from the chains of the Night, her daughter Adalia has been speaking with a boy only she can see. Adalia is attempting to do the only thing that makes sense when the world is under threat – re-unite their Pack.

Can Val and Danny set aside their feelings in order to come together and save the world again?

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