by Merry Ravenell

In 2096 BCE, Earth became uninhabitable. In 2168, the last survivors of Earth cling to survival on three hastily-built ark ships—NightPiercer, LightBearer, and Ark —waiting for Earth’s climate to recover.

Young werewolf Lachesis of Ark is chosen out of the Creche Pool to produce a child. She expects the usual no-fuss, no-muss artificial breeding using frozen semen from a werewolf she’ll never meet.

Instead, she’s transferred to NightPiercer for things to be done the old-fashioned way. Her new husband makes it clear he doesn’t believe in permission or forgiveness, barely humors the chain of command, and has zero intentions of siring another generation destined to drift in the cold dark.

In the close quarters they share, Rainer’s true nature, and his ultimate plan for both Lachesis and NightPiercer, are impossible to hide. If the rest of NightPiercer finds out, they’ll both be killed.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera