by Carrie Summers

Ancient magic courses through her veins, but can she survive to master it?

Lilik is gutterborn and sick of it. She’s ready to defy her birth. And finally, her chance has arrived. Lilik’s nation is under siege by brutal sea tribes. But there is hope: on a distant volcanic island, a months-long night has fallen. Powerful magic gathers in the island’s dark. It may be enough to save them.

Despite taboos, Lilik bluffs her way onto an expedition bound for the island. But shortly after landfall, disaster strikes, sinking the ship. Marooned in the oppressive dark, Lilik’s shipmates succumb to primal fears, turning on each other. To survive, Lilik must evade the savages, unravel the island’s ancient secrets, and master her own, innate magic before it drives her mad.

Anything else will lead to her execution…and a cataclysm unseen since the last millennium.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Carrie Summers

Survivor. Sorceress. Rebel.

After the disastrous expedition to the volcano, Ioene, Lilik is home with a warning. The malevolent tyrant, Mieshk Ulstat, is gathering devastating magical power. Unchecked, Mieshk will obliterate their civilization. But when the ruling Trader Council refuses to heed her, Lilik turns to her own kind: the gutterborn.

As Lilik rallies rebels from the slums, she delves into her unique magic through contact with a nightforged dagger. Tyrak, the soul imprisoned within the blade, mistakes Lilik for his love from centuries past. Through their complicated bond, she learns the art of swordplay. But when a surprise attack hits the city, she discovers the hard truth of war: no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Warships lay siege to the city. Traders and gutterborn clash in the streets. And with each passing day, the true enemy just grows stronger.

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