Night Things: The Monster Collection (3 Book Bundle)

by Terry West

Imagine a world just like yours with one startling difference: every creature of legend has stepped forward from the shadow and they now exist shoulder to shoulder with humankind! New York City has become a macabre melting pot. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghouls are now the new immigrants and they are chasing the American dream. The Night Things have become part of the system. But many humans feel the creatures are dangerous ticking time bombs.

Night Things: The Monster Collection presents the first three Night Things/Magic Now books in one volume:

Dracula versus Frankenstein
Undead and Kicking:
Monsters and the Magic Now

Experience Terry M. West’s entertaining blend of classic horror and dark fantasy and see your favorite monsters in a remarkable new light.

Previously $5.99

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Category: Dark Fantasy