The Hexecutioner Books 1-10

by William Massa

Urban Fantasy at the Edge of Darkness.

“The Crow meets the Witcher” — Amazon Reviewer.

The Hexecutioner Boxed Set collects the first 10 stories in the bestselling novella series. The collection includes Game of the Wolf, Sacrifice of the Sorcerer, Shadows and Blood, The Devil’s Disciple, The Death Whisperer, The Demon Within, The Curse Maker, Phantom, The Witch Collector and Legion.

In the real world, he is Special Agent Jaxon Weylock, FBI profiler of human monsters. But in the shadow world where supernatural beasts prey on the innocent, he is the Hexecutioner, punisher of otherworldly evil.

Versed in the dark arts, master of magic and occult ritual, Weylock hunts—and executes—the monsters that haunt humanity’s nightmares. Now he’s headed to the snowy mountains of Denver, Colorado, to confront a bloodthirsty werewolf targeting newlyweds on their honeymoons.

For fans of Blade, Constantine, Underworld, Supernatural, Hellboy, The Crow, Highlander and The Last Witch Hunter.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban