Night of the Wolf Moon

by Kimberly Loth and Nina Walker

When tragedy strikes, Poppy must take her older sister’s place as her village’s sacrifice to the wolf shifter city. As she enters a dangerous competition to find a mate, she finds herself swept up in a forbidden love — and faced with an impossible choice…

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Lies of the Blood Moon

by Kimberly Loth and Nina Walker

I was saved at the festival, but at what cost?

With Nora dead and more attacks against the claimed, I may be next.

I’m determined to find the killer and join the resistance, but my feelings for Ryne keep growing. When a new girl arrives on the scene, the stakes are higher than ever.

As the next festival approaches, everything I thought I knew changes. I have a choice to make: keep things the same and risk our lives, or fight against oppression and risk it all.

Previously $4.99